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Ejection parts

The short and powerful double cylinder injection system is adopted to ensure stable injection action and no deformation of the fixed formwork. The screw components are optimized to achieve better plasticizing capacity and effect. Screw head and check ring are made of high toughness materials imported from Japan. After special heat treatment, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and thermal corrosion resistance. It still has high hardness under high temperature operation. The screw and material pipe are made of high-grade alloy steel and vacuum ion nitriding treatment. It has the characteristics of maintaining extremely high hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

PID temperature control, together with high-precision electronic ruler and controller, ensures the speed and pressure of injection, pressure maintaining, glue melting, back pressure and other actions to ensure the quality of molded products and the continuity of production, automatic material clearing, anti salivation, anti cold start delay and other functions, and ensures the efficiency, simplicity and safety of work. High precision machine adopts double shooting oil cylinder and linear guide rail for guidance, which is precise and low resistance.

Clamping unit


A new generation of crank clamping mechanism is adopted, and the parameters of the crank are optimized by computer simulation, so that the moving plate can move quickly and steadily. With the combination of box type moving plate, fixed plate and high rigid crank structure, the high strength and fatigue resistance are indeed achieved. Compared with the machines of the same level, it has larger pull rod internal distance, modulus and mold opening stroke, and can process larger plastic products.

Mold adjusting parts


The hydraulic motor drives the automatic adjustment device, which is driven by gear mesh. It is stable, fast, and efficient, saving the time for mold installation


Servo control part


Features of servo energy-saving injection molding machine:

·High control accuracy

The servo system can accurately control the pressure, speed and position of each action of the machine. Ensure that the repeated precision error of the glue injection meter is ≤ 0.3% to achieve precision molding.

·Response speed center

By correctly matching the motor vector control with the computer, it only takes 0.05S for the machine to reach the maximum output from zero output. Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, the response speed is significantly faster, the product molding cycle is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved.

·Low operation noise

Compared with the fixed pump system and variable pump system of traditional machines, the noise is 1/10 lower under most working conditions, and the noise of the whole system is less than 80dB under high-speed conditions. It is more suitable for production in closed and dust-free workshops.

·High efficiency and energy saving

The overall efficiency is about 10% higher than that of ordinary machines, and the dragging capacity is about 18% higher. In terms of energy saving, the servo machine can save 30% - 80% energy compared with the traditional machine, reaching the first level of energy efficiency.

·Saving cooling water

High pressure unloading is avoided in the system working condition, and there is no redundant power output, which can save large cooling water.

Variable displacement pump energy-saving system

The high efficiency, energy saving and high-precision proportional pressure flow variable pump system is adopted to match the output of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine with the power required for the operation of the whole machine. There is no energy loss caused by high-pressure throttling overflow. Compared with the constant displacement pump, it can save 30% - 60% of electricity. The motor with the same power can be equipped with an oil pump with a larger displacement to speed up the whole machine. At the same time, the service life of the low oil temperature is longer, and the normal operation of the hydraulic system can be ensured. Buffer configuration is adopted in the opening and closing mold oil circuit to ensure stable opening and closing mold without impact. It is also equipped with differential mold closing action, with high production efficiency.

Special controller for injection molding machine


• The controller is controlled by dual CPUs. The human-machine unit uses X86 300MHz industrial grade motherboard, and the system unit uses RISC 140MHz RISC reduced instruction set microprocessor, which has fast response, anti-interference and low power consumption. Independent control improves the stability of control;

• It adopts 8.4 "TFT screen, with a resolution of 800X600, friendly interface and multilingual options;

• USB2.0 interface and Ethernet interface;

• 8-section PID heating control, the temperature is 1 ℃;

• 32 point word input, 32 point word output, expandable, with fault point replacement function;

• The resolution of the position electronic ruler is 1/65535, with high resolution and more accurate control;

• 120 groups of process parameters can be accessed, stored and uploaded on USB flash disk;

• Display of injection end point and temperature tracking curve, dynamic record parameter modification, dynamic alarm display, easy and convenient operation;