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Product introduction

1.Self-lubricating oil bearing

Self-lubricated copper bush using in toggle and injection base unit to avoid jam and save the energy.

2.Robot installation

Robot installation holes are prepared along with the cable connection box.More clean and smart.

3.Large screen high speed precision controller

Adopt high response and precision control system, big LED screen,Double CPU,Standard IMM software installed with multi-language selection.Have option to connect with internet for monitor production from computer.

4.Synchronized heating control

Barrel and injection nozzle heaters are synchronized by controller to avoid raw material over heated in nozzle part and effect the production.

5.Conical seal pipe joint

Adopt ALFAGOMMA high quality rubber pipe with special sealing design by conical surface.No possibility of oil leakage.

6.Electrical control box ventilation

Adopt KAKU-Taiwan axial flow fan to release the heat out,make sure machine electronics are running stably even in hign temperature.Make the electronics lift longer.

7.Machine oil cylinder seal

All hydraulic cylinders are using England imported high quality oil seal "HALLITE",make sure the action is powerful with no compromise.

8.Professional injection solutions

Offer special design and treatmert using for screw and barrel to meet different requirement for the products,customized design is available.

9.Detecting positive displacement lubrication distribution system

Adopt self-detector type lubrication distributor,point to point to be lubricated individually and equally,any single lubrication piont jam can be easily noticed in this distributor

10.Heavy-duty moving door travel switch

Adopt "Telemecanique" heavy load type limited switch in operating door, endurable and safer.

11.Servo control part

Features of servo energy-saving injection molding machine: high control accuracy, fast response speed, low running noise, high efficiency and energy saving, save cooling water

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