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Superiority of all electric plastic injection molding machine

автор: время:2019-10-08Время просмотра:141

Advantages of all electric plastic injection molding machine: energy saving, low noise, high repeatability, convenient maintenance, high reliability, etc., which conforms to the development trend of international plastic injection molding machine in recent years. The details are as follows:

1. High accuracy: As the power source, the servo motor is composed of ball screw and synchronous belt to form a simple and efficient transmission mechanism. Its repeatability error is 0.01%.

2. Energy saving: the energy released in the deceleration phase of the working cycle can be converted into electrical energy for reuse, thus reducing the operating cost. Compared with the corresponding hydraulic drive plastic injection molding machine, the energy is reduced by more than 50%. The connected electrical equipment is only 25% of the electrical equipment required by the hydraulic drive plastic injection molding machine.

3. Precise injection control: make the products close to the limit of raw materials that need to be injected. The position of the glue screw is precisely controlled by digital control, which reduces the back pressure and greatly reduces the tension in the mold cavity. It is especially suitable for plastic products with high precision and cleanliness requirements in optical components, medical appliances, food industries, etc.

4. Improve the environmental protection level: due to the reduction of energy varieties and their optimized performance, the pollution sources and noise are reduced, providing a better guarantee for the environmental protection work of the factory.

5. Noise reduction: the operating noise value is less than 70 decibels, about 2/3 of the noise value of the hydraulic driven plastic injection molding machine.

6. Cost saving: This machine eliminates the cost of hydraulic oil and the trouble caused by it. It has no hard pipe or soft throat, no need to cool the hydraulic oil, and greatly reduces the cost of cooling water.

7. The production cycle is short. For example, at the Shanghai International Plastic Machinery Exhibition that year, Japan NISSEI displayed an ES200 all electric plastic injection molding machine, which is too fast to be trusted. A product production cycle only needs 0.63S (seconds), a mold closing time of 0.1 seconds, and a mold opening time of 0.13 seconds.