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Do you know the auxiliary parts of the vertical injection molding machine?

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Mechanical control of vertical injection molding machine generally includes locking part, injection molding part, etc., such as coupling, safety door, etc. In addition, it also involves sensing parts of mechanical devices, such as sensing modules such as safety door limit, frame, machine hinge, optical decoder, rack and other electromechanical signal acquisition components. The hydraulic part generally includes oil pump, oil pipeline and various types of solenoid valve bodies. The most important are proportional flow valve, proportional pressure valve and combined unit valve.

The auxiliary part of vertical injection molding machine includes cooling pump and pipe, oil filter and lubrication part, automatic feeding system and mechanical and electrical protection. The main function of the mechanical part is to return the control valve to the hydraulic pressure with pressure and speed to drive the action of each cylinder, drive the action of the mechanical part, and act according to the action cycle diagram. The oil motor driven by the control valve of the vertical injection molding machine rotates the screw to generate injection pressure for injection molding. The signals of each part of the machine are collected and fed back to the electrical part for processing.

The function of the hydraulic part is: the oil pressure generated by the oil pump of the vertical injection molding machine supplies each solenoid valve body and pipeline, causing the working pressure and flow; Other valves are driven by proportional flow and proportional pressure valves; The hydraulic valve rings are electrically operated, and the mechanical part is used to complete the injection molding.