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How to effectively save injection costs?

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Plastic injection molding is a popular industry. In such a modern society, with the improvement of living standards, people's lifestyle is changing, and human needs are updating. Under this condition, the plastic injection molding industry is also constantly updated and developed. The plastic injection molding industry has a good prospect, but the competition is also very fierce. How to stand out from many competitors? In addition to new products that meet the needs of the public, we also need to effectively save injection costs.

How to save injection cost? We can start from two aspects:

1. Mold. A good mold not only makes the products more excellent in appearance and quality. In terms of product cost saving, it is particularly important. Xinuo mold adopts hot runner injection molding process. Compared with ordinary cold runner mold, hot runner mold has a shorter product molding time. In addition, the product has less flash and less waste of raw materials. It can greatly save injection cost,

2. Injection molding machine. In the whole injection molding process, the cost of plastic raw materials is only on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is energy saving. DKM Machinery Co., Ltd. provides excellent energy-saving servo injection molding machines. The power consumption of injection molding machine in the process of plastic molding is huge. The servo energy-saving injection molding machine almost does not consume power when the plastic parts are cooled, which is quite power saving in the entire injection molding process.

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